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Panel loading conveyor for panel laminating line and furniture manufacturing plant


Holding panel buffer conveyor to feed the panel lamination and furniture manufacturing plant

PAF 1300

Panel outfeed conveyor

H4-100 / H6-100 / H7-100

Loading and unloading manipulator up to 100 kg (design for several production lines)

H4-50 / H6-50

Loading and unloading manipulator up to 50 kg (design for several production lines)


Machine for the automatically finding and utting the join of several panels that laminated with decorative foil rolls


Automatic Lines for several door casing to merge the main laths to side laths by using hotmelt glue aplication for several door casing


Pre-Heating System for panel lamination lines allowes reaching to appropriate laminating temperature to the laminated panel


Surface cleaning system for all kinds High-Gloss acrylic, panels and size cover production lines before lamination