UNIMAK founded with the aim of producing panel lamination & profile wrapping machines to woodworking and window industries both in Turkey and in the World, offers its over 58 years of experience on machinery production, engineering services, machine design, technical knowledge and know-how to the service of Turkey Machine Industry.

UNIMAK is founded, primarily to produce machine groups which are required by manufacturers in the Woodworking and PVC Window sectors but not produced in our country, instead supplied through import, to prevent importation and also prevent foreign currency output, then by exporting provide foreign currency input.

UNIMAK, produces machinery, equipment and facilities demanded by the market under high technology and quality standards in the sectors it serves. As a result, it is in a continuous growth trend. In this context, it continuously invests to meet the capacity requirement. Therefore, considering the future and also realize the new factory investment UNIMAK has purchased 40,000 m² of industrial land from Imes Yalova Specialized Organized Industrial Zone. In spring of 2021, after receiving the zone when its infrastructure is completed, UNIMAK will construct for 40,000 m² indoor area. Thus, it will have contributed significantly to the 2023 targets of our country and created added value.

UNIMAK as being the pioneer of the sector and the leader of the market, ensures designing, producing and developing all narrow and wide surface wrapping machines required in the industry based on customer needs such as frame-casing, panel wrapping and MDF panel, chipboard, door, wall panel, sandwich panel, PVC paneling and windowsill lamination for MDF wood and PVC window industries.

Production started first with profile wrapping machines later continued with foil and edgeband slitting, protective tape slitting, flying saw and automatic profile loading-unloading systems and became brand in its area with production of first MDF profile wrapping line operates without human interference in the world in 2006.

As UNIMAK Engineering Services, to increase production capacity and to adapt it’s technological infrastructure to world standards, in 2007 company moved to it’s new modern facility in Tuzla, Orhanlı O.S.B region. With this new facility, UNIMAK started producing panel wrapping lines, panel loading-unloading robots and factory automations aimed at woodworking industry.

As a result of the R&D studies carried out with its specialized and experienced staff, within the scope of TUBITAK Teydeb SME R&D Support Project; was deemed worthy to be supported twice with its 'Fully Automatic Panel Laminating Line' and 'Machine Design for Quality High Gloss Furniture Production' projects. With these supports, it has made investments on new bench and R&D in order to produce more lines and to block machine importation from abroad. UNIMAK, gives continuous support and importance to development and innovation, continues to work as the 'first and only' company that receives support in this field by continuing the work of new R&D projects.

For continuous customer satisfaction, starting from constant training and development philosophy, UNIMAK proceeds to increase its capacity and employee quality, with its team formed with experienced engineers and technicians. Its prestige earned by following the developments in the wrapping and slitting technologies at the right time, all provided services including after sales, gained rightful trust of its customer and has become the most preferred brand in Turkey and abroad by exporting over 90 countries in the world.

UNIMAK, by starting off with the slogan of “high-efficiency, low-cost machines”, today has the justified pride of producing profile and panel wrapping machines for the world's leading profile and panel manufacturers, while continues to improve by giving importance to development, investment and education for the market leadership it holds.

Nizamettin COŞKUN
Founder of UNIMAK Group of Companies

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