Ligna Exhibition, which takes place in Hannover, Germany every 2 years, will be between dates 27th – 31st of May at Hannover Exhibition Area Messegelände, this year.

UNIMAK ENGINEERING SERVICES, becomes prominent not only with exhibitions it attended both in Türkiye and many places in the world but also with its exportations in recent years, hosts hundreds of visitors during the exhibitions all around the world and also at the machine department in this exhibition which major global machine builders of woodworking machinery industry attends. In accordance with this high demand expanding its booth area by 45% at LIGNA-HANNOVER 2019 to exhibit more of its machines and to be more productive for its visitors UNIMAK continues to successfully represent our country and its brand.

Unimak team states that they are waiting for the exhibition excitedly and prepared best way possible, Unimak increases its effect each year by being able to take the lead in its field both with its technology, quality and price policy compared to its numbered competitors. As a Turkish company Unimak continues to be a source of pride with the projects it has completed worldwide.

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